The Skyline College faculty, staff and administration support the evaluation of programs and services through the Program Review process as the College continually strives to demonstrate and improve institutional effectiveness and student outcomes. The Skyline College Community embraces the concept that only through authentic, deep and on-going evaluation and assessment can institutions improve their programs and services to meet the evolving needs of students. The development of Program Review and its processes has included participation from faculty, staff and administrators. The evaluation, assessment and updating of the Program Review process has been on-going since its full implementation in 1998.

The Skyline College Comprehensive Program Review is an integral piece of the planning and budget processes. The Skyline College model is an integrated one, used by instructional programs, student services and administrative services. The integrated model is one that allows each Division and service area to maintain its identity and uniqueness, while creating a standardized approach to Program Review. Comprehensive Program Review occurs on a 6-year cycle   with annual planning taking place in the 5 years between the review cycle. Comprehensive Program Review is a process which examines all academic, student, and administrative services programs at the College to help determine the overall effectiveness of the institution. The Comprehensive Program Review is also integrated with other on-going program and service area evaluations including: Annual Program Planning and Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment.

Resources for Submitting Comprehensive Program Review

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Comprehensive Program Review Prompts  
Program Review Submission and Presentation Guidelines  
Comprehensive Program Review: SLO Assessment  
Program Data Packet
for Productivity, Enrollment, Demographics, and Outcomes.
Percentage Point Gap Method  
Program Review Schedule   
To Review and Update Course Outlines

Curriculum development is initiated at the departmental level and should include review by department or division faculty in cooperation with the division dean.

The Curriculum Committee, a standing committee of the Skyline College Academic Senate, is the college-wide review body for new programs, new courses, modified courses, and deleted courses.