Comprehensive Program Review (CPR) is an integral component of Skyline College’s planning and resource allocation processes. A three - semester endeavor initiated in the spring and due the following April, instructional and student/learning support services faculty/ staff reflect on their program’s efficacy to enhance the overall effectiveness of the College. Using multiple methods and inquiry, faculty/staff reflect on and evaluate their program for the purposes of strengthening student learning and program effectiveness. This reflection leads to the identification of steps and resources necessary to work towards the program vision. Resource requests such as personnel, instructional equipment, and facilities are submitted through the separate though linked Annual Resource Request (ARR).

Comprehensive Program Review is also a vehicle through which faculty and staff reflect on and document progress on goals from the past five years that are documented in the previous CPR and Annual Program Plans (APPs). With APPs being replaced by the Program Review Updates (PRU) in Fall 2021, faculty and staff in future program review cycles will refer back to the previous CPR and PRUs.

The CPR process is managed and supported by the Institutional Effectiveness Committee, who also coach program faculty/ staff to evaluate their program’s effectiveness and formulate appropriate plans moving forward. Partners to further support program faculty/ staff in this endeavor include the Office of Planning, Research, Innovation and Effectiveness (PRIE), Curriculum Committee (CC), Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning (CTTL), and Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Development (SPWD).

Resources for Submitting Comprehensive Program Review


Instructional Program CPR Template   and Checklist to Provide Feedback

Student Service Program CPR Template    and Checklist to Provide Feedback

Instructional Program CPR Suggested Timeline of Completion  
Student Service Program CPR Suggested Timeline of Completion  
Completed CPR/APP Documents
- Access goals and objectives from the past CPR and PRUs completed since then.
Program Review Schedule  
- Access when your program is scheduled for CPR and PRUs. ARRs take place annually and are optional.
Skyline College Comprehensive Program Review Rubric
- Access criteria to consider when completing the CPR.
Platform User Guide to Submit CPR: How to Log in   and the CPR Online Fields  . (User account is needed. To request one, please consult with your dean.)


Curriculum development is initiated at the program level and should include review by discipline faculty in cooperation with the division dean.

The Curriculum Committee, a standing committee of the Skyline College Academic Senate, is the college-wide review body for new programs, new courses, modified courses, and deleted courses. Members can provide guidance in course review and revision.

The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning also offers support in the form of instructional design related to distance education, educational technology, pedagogy, curriculum design, assessment design, multimedia training and production, accessibility, etc

- Review and update current Course Outlines of Record
Course Outline and Prerequisite Checklist Table  


Questions? Please Ask for ASSISTANCE

IEC CPR Consultation Karen Wong
  Chris Gibson
  Ame Maloney
PRIE Data Zahra Mojtahedi
  Ingrid Vargas
SLO Assessment Karen Wong
Labor Data TBD  
Curriculum Jessica Hurless/ Bianca Rowden-Quince

Instructional Design Andrea Fuentes
  Bianca Rowden-Quince