Fall 2023

Dear Skyline College Community,

We're now hiring for Fall 2023. You will find a job description, application links, and more information on the job below. Positions are open until filled. If interested in working for SI, talk with a professor you'd enjoy working with and fill out the application below.


Students in SI Supported Classes: Your SI Leader will give you details on how to attend their SI Sessions, whether they are in our Learning Center or in a Zoom room. Please check in with your SI Leader or Instructor for information regarding sessions. 


Apply to be a SI Leader here!  


Need more information? Please contact Gavin Townsley via email at townsleyg@smccd.edu

How does Supplemental Instruction work?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic assistance program designed to help students succeed in traditionally difficult courses through voluntary group study sessions.  Sessions are facilitated by SI Leaders, who are peers who have already successfully completed the targeted course.

SI Leaders attend class meetings, and make themselves available 1 – 3 times per week for active and collaborative study sessions. Most SI sessions take place right before or after class, but meeting times are flexible in order to accommodate as many students as possible.

During a typical session, students engage in collaborative learning, compare and clarify lecture notes, review textbook readings, and discuss key course concepts. SI Leaders help students develop effective study strategies for the course; they do not lecture or replicate the work of faculty.

SI tutor explaining a math problem

You don't have to sign up! If your course is supported by SI, your SI Leader will give you details on how to attend their SI Sessions. Supplemental Instruction is open to all students enrolled in the class and is completely free.

You can visit the SI Lab in the Learning Center (BLDG 5) to find out if SI is offered for a course

Students who attend Supplemental Instruction can:

  • Develop better understanding of course material
  • Develop more effective ways of studying
  • Prepare for tests, exams, papers, presentations, etc.
  • Interact with other students in your class and build community
  • Pass the course and potentially earn a higher grade

The SI Program is currently working on this section. Recent data will be available by end of Spring 2021.

SI Supported Courses

MATH 120 MATH 130 MATH 190
MATH 200 MATH 241 MATH 242
BIOL 130 BIOL 240 BIOL 250
CHEM 192 ECON 100 HIST 201
HIST 202 HIST 235 SOCI 100
PSYC 100 PSYC 105 PSYC 200
PHIL 100 PHIL 103 MUSI 100
ENGL 105  ACTG 100  ACTG 121
BUS 123 **  

**Other courses are supported by Dean and Faculty request.

Become an SI Leader

The role of a Supplemental Instruction Leader (SI Leader) is to assist students in traditionally difficult courses towards successful completion of the course. The SI Leader attends the parent course to understand the content, delivery, and emphases of the class, works with the professor to identify areas where students are experiencing difficulty, and provides 1 - 3 SI study sessions per week for students in that course. An SI Leader serves as a model student, reinforces class concepts, and facilitates students' ability to solve problems.

Check out the SI Leader Job Description.

If you are interested in becoming a SI Leader and are in good academic standing with the college, then apply via our online application below!

Apply to be a SI Leader here!