Resolution Honoring Jesse Raskin

Adopted: May 6, 2021

Whereas, Jesse Raskin began serving on the Academic Senate in 2017, and since that time has served the campus admirably in the capacity of Educational Policy co-chair, ACED committee member, Professional Development coordinator, and senate Vice President, exhibiting stellar leadership and dedication to senate work in all areas;

Whereas, The conversations around student equity and student readiness in the Senate and beyond would not be nearly as poignant, rich, and compelling if not for Jesse Raskin’s passion and reiteration of the gravity of the role of the faculty in transforming students’ lives;

Whereas, Jesse possesses a clear-eyed vision of what the senate can truly be in its service to students, and through this vision, has constantly urged the senate to examine and enhance its role, values, practices, and its advocacy for community; 

Whereas, Jesse’s commitment to the senate has only been outpaced by his commitment to Skyline College, its students, and its community, as evidenced by his relentless pursuit of reflective inquiry, encouraging and empowering all around him to always strive for better; and

Whereas, Jesse is continually looking out for faculty and staff whose service areas are nuanced in ways that may make them less visible or their needs less known to the campus as a whole, and whereas Jesse illuminates those service areas and needs so that the campus can more fully embrace and include them;

Resolved, That the Skyline College Academic Senate thank Jesse Raskin for 5 consecutive years of extraordinary leadership and service to the Skyline College senate, campus, and community, and 

Resolved, That the Skyline College Academic Senate express to Jesse Raskin its fervent hope that his service to the senate is not finished so that we may benefit from his leadership and participation in the future.