Universities of California

**PLEASE NOTE: You need to apply 1 year in advance for the following year!**

***Reminder for Students Planning on Applying for Fall 2016 Enrollment***

The application period to apply for enrollment at a UC for fall 2016 will be open as of November 1. If you plan to apply, be sure you have met with a counselor so that you can make sure you have all the courses you need to transfer. You can also attend Transfer Center workshops that cover how to complete your application, how to start your personal statement and other helpful topics pertaining to Transfer. For more information about all these options, contact the Transfer Center at (650)738-4232.

Transfer Admissions Guarantees (TAG) Program for the UCs

Apply to get guaranteed admission to six of the UCs that participate in the TAG program. Learn more about the TAG program.

UC Reminders:

If you are considering applying for a UC TAG for the Fall 2016 year, you will need 30 UC Transferrable units by the end of Summer 2015. Please check with a counselor for more on eligibility requirements for the TAG Program.

Associate Degrees for Transfer: Will this degree help me get into a major or campus of choice? Check out the Transfer Degrees page for more information.

Use the online application to apply to UCs.

A Personal Statement is required for ALL UC applications!

The following are resources you can use to help you complete your personal statement:

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