This program prepares students for licensing as a Cosmetologist, Esthetician, and Manicurist. The Cosmetology program involves 1600 hours of comprehensive training in beauty services. The 600-hour Esthetician program focuses on training in skin care treatment and techniques. The Manicurist Program provides training in various services related to nails. The Cosmetology Instructor Preparation is designed for experienced licensed cosmetologists interested in teaching.

Courses in the Cosmetology programs focus on theoretical foundation, practical manipulative skills, business knowledge, and the professional and ethical training needed for licensing through the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. The Skyline College pass rate for this exam was 94% in 2009-10 and 92% in 2010-11. Prepared with excellent entry-level skills, students are able to work in many facets of the beauty industry. There is also the opportunity to earn a business entrepreneurship certificate in cosmetology.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Complete 1600 hours in the Cosmetology Program and 600 hours in the Esthetician Program.
  • Successfully pass the California State Board Cosmetology or Esthetician written exam.
  • Identify career and continuing educational options in the field of Cosmetology, and Esthetician and plan the action towards achieving those goals and objectives.
  • Apply theories, principles, and concepts to address skills learned that would apply to Cosmetology and Esthetician.
  • Exhibit strong and effective written and oral communication skills.
  • Critically consider, analyze and research special issues in Cosmetology and their effects on society.
  • Recognize the importance of and practice ethical behavior in a professional work setting, both within the work force and within the community.

Admissions Procedures and Requirements

The Associate in Science Degree with a major in Cosmetology or the Cosmetology Certificate Program requires the completion of a special application packet to be considered for admission. Admission applications are not considered for acceptance until all documents listed have been completed and received by the Cosmetology Department. All requirements must be submitted as soon as possible. The following components of the application packet are required:

1.Completed Cosmetology Program application.

2.Completed Skyline College English & Math Placement Tests. The English Placement Test may be waived for those students who have completed an AA or BS degree.

3.Submit any unopened, official transcripts from former colleges.

4.Signed Cosmetology Program contract, statement as to why you are enrolling in the program, personal reference.

5.Completed Skyline College Application

6.Complete all college matriculation requirements if you wish to pursue an AS or BS degree upon completion of Cosmetology Program.

Send to:

Skyline College Cosmetology Programs
3300 College Drive
San Bruno, CA 94066

Approximate Costs

  • Cosmetology: $4000*.
  • Esthetician: $2500*.
  • *All costs are approximate

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