Welcome to Beta Theta Omicron, Skyline College’s chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. Congratulations on becoming a member of our prestigious society! Your academic achievement and dedication have earned you this privilege. As a member, you now have various opportunities within your grasp designed to enrich both your academic and personal experiences.

Alex M

Phi Theta Kappa is committed to academic excellence and individual growth as laid out in our four Hallmarks: Leadership, Scholarship, Service, and Fellowship. You are now part of a diverse group that not only recognizes but also encourages your continued success. The personal growth you obtain from engaging actively in the organization will bring greater meaning to your overall college experience and life. I highly encourage you to take this opportunity to shine by becoming an active member.

Through our four hallmarks, we aim to contribute to the community, build camaraderie, and excel. Beta Theta Omicron offers various activities that can help you discover and develop skills that you will carry and utilize throughout your life. Honors in Action and College Project are the main programs that serve to promote the four hallmarks. Events such as Relay for Life, Expanding Your Horizons, High School Outreach, and Computer Literacy and Internet Competency for Seniors allow us to give back to our community and campus. 

Our Five-Star Chapter has won a host of awards and honors over the years. Our dedication, collaboration, and willingness to achieve has brought us to where we are today. We strive to uphold our tradition of excellence, but this can only be done with the support of our members. Each one of you is empowered with the necessary tools to make a difference, and now it is up to you to seize it!

I am delighted to welcome you! Prepare yourself to be inspired, challenged, and rewarded!

Alessandro Mazzora 
President, 2019-2020