Membership Benefits

National Honor Roll

All new inductees of Phi Theta Kappa are automatically nominated for the National Dean's List, a prestigious compilation of honor students in two-year and four-year degree programs. Students who complete and return the National Dean's List biographical data forms become eligible for the National Dean's List Scholarships. One recipient from each of Phi Theta Kappa's 29 regions, and one at-large recipient, are chosen by random search.


The Get Connected network provides you free access to online services, programs and resources selected especially to meet your needs. Members are eligible for an email alias


Your membership is permanently noted on your Skyline transcript and diploma.



Members are entitled to wear the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Stole and tassel at the Skyline Graduation ceremony. If you are graduating with honors, you may also wear the Honor Cords.


Currently Phi Theta Kappa has over 550 institutions in 49 states, the District of Columbia and Canada, offering approximately $35 million exclusive Phi Theta Kappa scholarships, and the number increases regularly. As a member of Phi Theta Kappa, you will receive detailed, updated information concerning these scholarships, through the Society publications and the Phi Theta Kappa website.

Skyline College members who have won scholarships are listed here.

Check out the Leaders of Promise scholarships for continuing students. The purpose of the Leaders of Promise scholarships is to assist Phi Theta Kappa members in obtaining an associate degree and to encourage participation in Phi Theta Kappa chapter activities.

Career Advancement

Phi Theta Kappa members who complete bachelor’s degrees and qualify for entry-level government jobs at the GS-5 level are automatically eligible to receive GS-7 status. There are hundreds of jobs in business, medical and technical fields, and law enforcement.


Phi Theta Kappa members may request letters of recommendation for scholarship and college/university admissions officers, and potential employers.

Career Connection

Jump-start your career by signing up for JOBTRAK through the Phi Theta Kappa Network.

Get Published


Submit your poetry, prose, & short stories to Nota Bene.

Arts Award

Any original painting, sculpture, photograph (not a video) or musical composition can be entered for a Regional Arts Award. See an advisor for details and due (February) date.

Literary Award

The Regional Literary Award is given for a work of FICTION or NON-FICTION. See an advisor for details and due date (February).

And more...

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