Greek Alphabet

Greek letters are often used to represent functions in mathematics and science. The name Phi Theta Kappa was taken from the initial letters of the three Greek words meaning "wisdom," "aspiration" and "purity." Can you see the origin of the word "alphabet"?

Chapters of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society are assigned names using Greek letters. Skyline's chapter is Beta Theta Omicron or BQO. Right from its inception, we called our chapter "BOO" because standard text email doesn't accomodate foreign letters or symbols. Likewise, Internet addresses or Universal Resource Locators (URLs) can only use English letters. Beta Theta Omicron takes too many keystrokes for quick notes or a URL; this left the following choices:

BOO Mascot
  • BQO - These are the keys you use to get ΒΘ&Omicron in symbol font on a computer.

  • BTO - Although this might look like an abbreviation for Beta Theta Omicron, this represents the Greek letters Beta Tau Omicron.

  • BOO - This became a visual shorthand for Beta Theta Omicron and led to our mascot (right).

Α, α Β, β Γ, γ Δ, δ Ε, ε Ζ, ζ
alpha beta gamma delta epsilon zeta
Η, η ϴ, θ Ι, ι Κ, κ Λ, λ Μ, μ
eta theta iota kappa lambda mu
Ν, ν Ξ, ξ Ο, ο Π, π Ρ, ρ Σ, σ
nu xi omicron pi rho sigma
Τ, τ Υ, υ Φ, φ Χ, χ Ψ, ψ Ω, ω
tau upsilon phi chi psi omega

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