Skyline College's Learning, Equity & Growth Series (LEGS), formerly known as Equity Training Series, is an intentional sequence of experiences designed to increase awareness of the various intersections of equity. LEGS will provide attendees with additional access points to understand how equity gaps are not only created, but systematically embedded and supported within the many institutions, systems, infrastructures, and practices of our society.

Sessions include readings, film screenings, facilitated discussions, workshops, lectures, panels, and group projects. Collectively, these sessions ask participants to look past the sole notion of “equity as training” and challenge them to reflect on their current practices and how to incorporate intersectional equity knowledge into their current work and beyond.

Participant Outcomes

The goal of LEGS is for participants to incorporate concepts and theories from LEGS either into their current initiatives, projects, and ongoing workflow. Additionally, participants will be expected to participate in group projects that focus on pragmatic application of LEGS material. Participants will submit proposals during week four of the series.

Participant Experience

These sessions are hosted on Friday afternoons from 12 to 3 p.m. The first thirty minutes will be a time to connect with your cohort and reflect on material from the previous session. The remainder of time will be the talk/workshop by the designated presenter. The final session will consist of presentations sharing the planned application of the practices discussed during the series.

Learning, Equity & Growth Series Application

Due to the subject matter and interactive nature of these sessions, we strongly encourage all participants to attend in-person. If unable to attend in-person, necessary arrangements can be made.

Visit our 2023 Faciliator Biographies  for information about each speaker. Additionally, check out the Skyline College Library’s Learning, Equity & Growth Series: Facilitator Publications page to learn more about the current research and work of our speakers.

If you are interested in participating in LEGS, please complete the online application.

The deadline for applying for our Spring 2023 cohort is Friday, Janury 27th.

If you have any questions, please contact Joshua Lindo, Program Services Coordinator at

Schedule of Experiences

LEGS calendar



Previous Projects

first slide of presentation: First Generation Professionals  

Angelica Mendoza

first slide of presentation: intentional universal design  

Jessica Belluomini, John Skovgaard

first slide of presentation: equity and sustainability  

Katherine Chen, Alexis Whitaker

first slide of presentation: addressing equity issues in STEM  

Emilie Hein, Kolo Wamba, Maryam Khan, Alice Erskine

first slide of presentation: equity and caring campus  

Clair Yeo-Sugajski, Chris Woo, Alexis Varona

first slide of presentation: student equity ambassadors  

Ernesto Hernandez, Andrea Fuentes, Raymon Gutierrez

first slide of presentation: new employee podcast  

Jessica Silver-Sharp, Kalia Chavez, Robyn Ledesma

first slide of presentation: supporting undocumented students  

Elizabeth Osai, Aileen Phoung, Ari Soler

first slide of presentation: student athlete advisory committee  

Joe Morello

first slide of presentation: I Belong at Skyline initiative   

Melissa Moreno, Rachel Cunningham, Daniela Azuela, Luciana Castro