PLSC 115 Comparative Government (3 units)

Comparative treatment of the government and politics of key countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Examines the history, institutions, policies, and politics of the selected countries.

PLSC 130 International Relations (3 units)

Survey of basic elements of international relations, including nationalism, colonialism, and religion in international affairs. Examines such issues as development, population, and environment. Also explores international conflicts, such as between Israel and Palestine.

PLSC 150 Intro to Political Theory (3 units)

Introduction to ways of thinking about politics and an exploration of the concepts of political theory. Political problems will be examined along with consideration of such ideas as political culture and ideology.

PLSC 200 National, State and Local Government (3 units)

A study of the structure and function of the basic national, state and local government institutions. The course will examine the dynamics of the constitutional power relationship between the respective branches of government and the operational relationship between the national, state and local governments.

PLSC 210 American Politics (3 units)

The study of the historical and constitutional development of the foundations of the United States political institutions and the dynamics of governmental decision-making processes from the colonial era to the present. Examination of the various sources of political attitudes, roles, and behaviors of political participants and ways political decisions are made by the different units of government.

PLSC 280 Introduction to Political Philosophy (3 units)

An introduction to political philosophy. Readings and critical discussion of political philosophers (such as Plato, Locke, Rousseau, Marx, and contemporary writers). Topics include theories of human nature, conceptions of justice, the distribution of wealth and power, and the role of markets. Also listed as PHIL 280.

PLSC 301 California State and Local Government (3 units)

Examination of local and state governments and their relationship to each other. Among topics to be studied: population growth; initiative process; elections and campaigns; the legislature; the plural executive; California Judiciary; local governments -- counties, cities, school districts, and regional governments; growth and environmental policies; social programs and cultural diversity.

PLSC 335 History and Politics of the Middle East (3 units)

Examination of the historical, political, economic and social issues of the Middle East, including the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and U.S. foreign policy in the area.