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New Student Orientation

Get excited about the road ahead.

Orientation is your chance to get to know Skyline College and to learn about the information, resources and tools you’ll need to be successful here.

Orientation is an important resource for new students, and you’ll need to complete Orientation before you can schedule a placement test, meet with your counselor and register for classes.

Who must complete Orientation?

We strongly recommend all new students complete Orientation, however this requirement is officially determined by the Educational Goal that you selected when you applied to Skyline College. If you have selected an Educational Goal that exempts you from Orientation, you must submit a Student Success & Support Exemption Petition in order for this requirement to be waived.

Orientation is REQUIRED if you intend to work toward one or more of the following:

  • A Certificate
  • An Associate’s degree
  • A transfer program to earn a Bachelor’s degree
  • You are currently undecided on your educational goal but considering one of the goals listed above

Orientation is NOT REQUIRED if:

  • You have already completed an Associate’s degree or higher
  • You are taking courses for personal interest, to upgrade/enhance job skills, to maintain a certificate or license, or to complete credits for high school
  • You have completed a minimum of 15 units at a California Community College
  • You have evidence of completion of an orientation program at a California Community College within the past year
5 Steps to Enrollment at Skyline College

Note: Students who qualify as exempt may request an Exemption Petition by contacting Counseling (Petitions emailed must be submitted in pdf format).

Orientation is offered In-person or Online

IN-PERSON Workshop (Preferred Option)

The In-Person Orientation workshop is recommended for ALL students. During this two-hour workshop, students are provided with information and resources needed for success at Skyline College. This workshop is facilitated by an experienced counselor. New students will learn how to register for courses and how to get involved in learning communities and clubs on campus. Following orientation, students can take placement tests and meet with a counselor.

Upon completion of in-person orientation, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement and Counseling Session Worksheet. You must present these documents to the Assessment/Placement staff for verification before you can take a placement test.

Register for Orientation:
Phone: (650) 738-4318
Counseling Desk: Building 2, 2nd Floor ONE STOP

Orientation Location: Building 2, Room 2-306

ONLINE Orientation

This is primarily for online learners and can be accessed through WebSMART (log in and click the Student Services link). Most students complete online orientation in 30 minutes. Explore the website links and watch the informational videos. You do not need to complete the online orientation in one sitting; you can log out and pick up where you left off.

Take the short quizzes to prepare you for a final quiz. You must score 80% or higher in order to receive an Orientation Completion Confirmation. After successful completion, you can schedule your placements in math and English through WebSMART.

Remember to print out the Orientation Completion Confirmation and bring it to your placement appointment. Your photo ID will also be verified by the Placement Center staff.

Note: The Online Orientation format is NOT recommended for students with limited English proficiency.

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