Summary of the Student Code of Conduct

Students enrolled at Skyline College are expected to conduct themselves as responsible citizens and in a manner compatible with an educational institution. Violators shall be subject to disciplinary action.

The Student Code of Conduct is essentially a list of prohibited actions, including but not limited to: disruptive, violent, harassing or threatening behavior; dishonesty such as cheating or plagiarism; theft; forgery; and unlawful use of or being under the influence of a controlled substance.

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Summary of Disciplinary Procedures

The Disciplinary Officer appointed by the college President investigates the alleged violation(s) by the student and decides whether to pursue an Administrative Conference or a Student Disciplinary Hearing.

At an Administrative Conference, the Disciplinary Officer either dismisses charges or notifies the student of further disciplinary actions. At this meeting, the student may request a Student Disciplinary Hearing.

At a Student Disciplinary Hearing, the student appears before a Disciplinary Board including a student, a faculty member, a staff member, and a Judicial Officer. The Disciplinary Board weighs the presented evidence of the alleged violation(s) and submits a recommendation to the Disciplinary Officer, who reviews the Disciplinary Board's recommendation and then sends his or her written decision to the student.

The decision may include a variety of actions and directives to reduce the likelihood of repeating prohibited behavior. The student may appeal the decision.

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Note: College Disciplinary Procedures are not intended to substitute for criminal or civil procedures.

Summary of Disciplinary Actions

Students charged with misconduct may be subject to one or more the following sanctions: an oral warning, a written reprimand, disciplinary probation, restitution, removal from classes, suspension, or expulsion.

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