The Kinesiology, Athletics and Dance Division of Skyline College offers a variety of programs that lead to AA/AS degrees, certificates in a specified field, and/or academic transfer to a 4-year college or university. Students can also take a class to fulfill General Education requirements, prepare for your major, improve fitness and provide a basis for managing personal health and well-being.

Dedicated faculty and staff within the division are committed to empowering students to find academic success and meet their educational goals. Our instructors are passionate about their fields, and are excited to share their knowledge with you and be a part of your educational journey.

Division Office

Dean: Dino Nomicos
Division Asst: Sandra Hatzistratis
Phone: (650) 738-4271
Location: Building 3, Rm. 3126
Fax: (650) 738-7073

Academic Programs within the Division