The Dance Department is committed to successfully preparing students for transfer to 4-year university dance programs, and to providing the foundation and skills to enter the dance profession. Our dance program prepares students to improve their level of physical dance technique, performance and expression. The dance classes are open to everybody and we encourage all students to include some aspect of performing arts during their studies at Skyline College.

Goals / Focus

The goal of the dance department is to train students in the aesthetics, techniques, production processes and analysis of dance. We offer classes in dance appreciation, technique and production with an emphasis in interdisciplinary and multicultural relationships with all performing arts. Skyline dance students enter the world as performers, choreographers, teachers, directors of dance programs and / or studios, and / or discerning audience members with an appreciation and understanding of other cultures / dance styles.

Career Options

The study of Dance prepares students to pursue careers such as, but not limited to, dance instructors, dance critics and choreographers. Choreographers and dance instructors create original dances, teach dance, coach and judge cheerleading and develop new interpretations of existing dances. They work in schools, colleges, theaters, recreation centers, cruise lines, dance and movie studios, at fashion shows, and are involved in auditioning performers for dance parts. Students who want to teach dance at public K-12 schools, college and university levels will transfer to a four-year college and then gain a teaching certificate, MA, MFA or PhD. Students who complete their AA degree often pursue careers as professional dancers and choreographers, or work at private schools and studios.

Dance Production

In addition to offering a variety of technique courses, Skyline College organizes dance performances every semester and includes opportunities for students to choreograph and perform their work. Each Fall, the college produces the Performing Arts Showcase, a variety show of student and faculty works. The annual formal Dance Concert and the Spring Musical occur each Spring. The dance program regularly collaborates with the Music and Theater departments to offer productions and sponsor student and community dance groups.


For more information, students should contact:

Amber Steele
Assistant Professor of Dance and Kinesiology
Skyline College
3300 College Drive
San Bruno, Ca. 94066
(650) 738-4439

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