2020 Schedule

9:00 - 9:30am General Assembly:

E-Cubed: Explore, Experience, Excel!
Bev McLean
Saint Mary’s College of California

9:40 - 11:00am Workshop 1 (Choose from selections below)
11:10 - 12:30pm Workshop 2 (Choose from selections below)
12:40 - 1:15pm Lunch
1:25 - 2:45pm Workshop 3 (Choose from selections below)
2:50 - 3:00pm General Assembly II (Contest prizes)

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Math & Computer Science

1.     Let me tell you a secret! Keeping personal information confidential is much harder now that the internet exists. Your personal information is important, and you should only share it with who you want and when you want. Many individuals are interested in stealing your personal information for their own personal use. Learn the basics of cryptography used in secure communication. Gain hands-on experience with encryption and decryption by building a Caesar wheel and skytale. Create your own encrypted message to share only with your BFF. Liji Gopalakrishnan & Sindhu Prasad. Rambus Inc.

2.     Love at First Byte. Write a computer program in BASIC! Write a story with a Madlibs program. Debug (fix) an adventure game program. Play and modify other games on the computer. Adrienne Jardetzky.

3.     Creating Your Own Virtual Reality World. Make your own VR world using simple commands then put on the VR headset and walk through it. Edward Loeswick. Bayside Academy M.S.

4.     Mapping Coastal Habitats: Hydrology, Geology, Biology... Oh My! Explore how scientists use data to map sensitive resources and protect California’s coast. Lauren E. Garske-Garcia, Esther Essoudry, & Alanna Casey. California Coastal Commission.

5.     Graph Carnival. Using the motion figure, graph between time and distance with a computer using DESMOS. Younga Choi. Skyline College Mathematics.

6.     Music and Technology. Learn how to use a laptop to make music! We'll be demo-ing a computer programming language specifically for music and giving an introduction on how to record yourself and make music using available software. Elena Georgieva. Stanford University Dept. of Music.

7.     www.code (Women Who Write Code). Learn programming to design art and build your own website alongside women from top tech universities and companies. No experience necessary! Jenny Vo-Phamhi & Elizabeth Vo-Phamhi.

8.     Rescue the Mouse! Use a mouse in a maze to learn about computer programming. James Hoffman. Skyline College Computer Science.

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Life Sciences

9.     San Francisco ZooMobile: Shifting the Balance. Explore the largest threats to animals and their habitats nearby and abroad, along with what each of us can do, individually and together, to restore nature's balance on our planet. Blair Bazdarich, Anna Stewart, & Leah Coburn. San Francisco Zoo & Gardens.

10.     Under the Sea: Rocky Shore Animal Exploration. Explore the various career paths of Marine Biology and interact with living rocky-intertidal animals. Naomi Deal. Marine Science Institute.

11.     Marvelous Microbiology! Microbes are all around us! Enjoy exploring the different microbes used in food production, and learn about microbes found in the human body and its surroundings. We will make root beer, observe “little critters” under the microscope, and perform biochemical tests. Susan Ngoke Munn Wu, Jaimelynn Alvarez, Jennifer Huang, & Oladipo Toriola. Impossible Foods, Inc.

12.     Human Trait Scavenger Hunt! Why don’t you like certain foods? Do your taste buds work differently than others? Come to our workshop to learn more about yourself. Jing Folsom. Skyline College Biology.

13.     From Cell to Milk, From Milk to Cheese. Wonder where milk comes from? How does the amazing body of a mother nurture its young? What’s in the milk? How does milk turn into cheese? Come to this workshop and you will have the answers. You will learn about cells, proteins, and beyond! Sheil Kee & Vasudha Srivastava. Genentech.

14.     What’s in Your Drinking Water? What makes your drinking water taste? What makes it safe? Look for living creatures in your water and build a working water filtration system. Caroline Sarkki, Ei Chit Paing, Wan Wan, Denise Mayo, & Khin Win. Skyline College Biology.

15.     Cooperate or Die: Evolutionary Questions at the Intersection of Biology, Math, and Psychology. Play evolutionary games as you learn about the big questions in understanding why humans evolved to work together. Katherine E. Carter & Emma Doctors. National Center for Science Education.

16.     A Slick Solution: Observing the Effects of Oil Spills. Explore the effects of oil spills on marine wildlife along with a search for alternative fuel forms to avoid such events. Kayla Belich. Strategic Energy Innovations.

17.     Ocean Warriors. Do you want to learn how to save our oceans? Come learn about what causes ocean acidification, how it impacts marine animals, and what you can do about it! Rachel Cunningham. Skyline College Geography.

18.     C.S.I. San Bruno: Murder in the produce aisle. Interview and fingerprint the suspect, then analyze DNA to solve the crime. Alessandro Mazzora. Skyline College Phi Theta Kappa.

19.     Succulent Nursery. Learn the proper way to plant succulents and take your plant home. Francis Manansala, Michael Sanchez, Molly Wong, Adele Wu, Jacob Harding, & Megan Chan, Skyline College Environmental Club.

20.     Streams, Salmon, and Sharks, Oh my! Connect how salmon go from eggs to sharks—or to our dinner plates. Journey with the salmon from our local watershed, through the San Francisco Bay and beyond. Mayra T. Rivas & Lindsay Shorter. Aquarium of the Bay.

21.     The Bizarre Business of Bioluminescence. Explore how bioluminescence (emission of light by living organisms) has evolved and how organisms use it to hide, communicate, find food, and defend themselves. We'll also get to see bioluminescence in action in some hands-on activities with living organisms! Veronica Pagowski, Chris You, Iris Mollhoff, and Julie Pourtois. Stanford University.

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Health Sciences

22.    Scrub in for Surgery. Come see the world behind the Double Doors of Surgery. Learn how to dress up like a surgeon. Step inside an operating room where a surgical procedure is about to start. Learn how you can become a member of the Surgical Team in only one year! Alice Erskine, Mary McKay, Monica Franciosa, & Virginia Plume. Skyline College.

23.     Hands-on Epidemic. Be ready to glow in the dark! Find out how diseases are spread by participating in a simulated epidemic. Elsa Jimenez-Samayoa & Emma Samayoa. Skyline College Biology.

24.     The Heart: How does it work? Dissect a heart showing its parts and how these intricate parts work together to pump blood. Yancy Aquino. Skyline College Biology.

25.     Sports Medicine: From the field to the operating room. Learn about the field of sports medicine and participate in hands-on activities related to the profession. Lindsy Donnelly, Lauren Bosshardt, Katie Susskind-Risso, & Amanda Brown. Stanford University.

26.     Stop the Outbreak: Infectious disease! Participate in a game to model how infectious diseases easily spread in a population. Simone Lewis-Koskinen & Gauri Vaishampayan. Science from Scientists.

27.     Respiratory Care Practitioners Make Your Breathe. Hands on CPR training, performing spirometry, auscultate (breath sounds), proper handwashing technique, unhealthy lung display compared to a healthy lung, drawing and painting lungs. Estefany Martinez, Skyline College Respiratory Care.

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Physical Sciences & Engineering

28.     Chemistry Magic Show. Learn the secrets behind the world's most famous magic tricks. Safiyyah Forbes. Skyline College Chemistry.

29.     Light Up Your World (The Art/Engineering of Paper Circuits). Design your very own circuit-powered LED light-up card and discover applications of electronics and engineering in the process. Maryam Khan, Christal Nevarez, Melanie Trujillo, Linda Thao, & Prakriti Pradhan. Skyline College Engineering.

30.     Nanoscience: Small but Mighty! Learn how scientists and engineers make and see things at the nanoscale and understand why nano is so exciting! Angela Hwang. Stanford Nano Shared Facilities

31.     Maintain Your Car. Learn under-hood and under-the-car inspection. Julia Johnson. Skyline College Automotive.

32.     Power your Phone with the Sun! Explore solar science through hands-on design and build a solar USB phone charger. Giselle Serafin. Strategic Energy Innovations.

33.     Covergirl Chemist. Learn how to make homemade bath bombs and lip balms using chemistry! Jacinda Chen, Gissel Salgado, Alaa Alazzeh, & Marci Adolfo. University of San Francisco Women in Science.

34.     Particle Detectives. Step into the shoes of a particle physicist and track down elementary particles. Emilie Hein. Skyline College Physics.

35.     Scaling the Solar System. Take a walk through the solar system and build your own scale model using beads and string while learning about the planets. Rod A. Regado, Jr. Skyline College Astronomy Club.

36.     Rapid Prototyping with Little Bits. Stop by and create your own invention using electronic building blocks! Madeeha Khan & Sarah Cheung, TeenTechSF.

37.     Engineer a Gift Factory! Learn cool tips and tricks of system design and software engineering! We will design a gift factory (on paper) and improve it step by step. Brittany Arthur, Jennifer Sanchez, Fredrik Palm, & Madison Sanchez. Google.

38.     An Introduction to Vi Hart: YouTube's #1 "Recreational Mathemusician." In this hands-on workshop, we will follow Vi’s lead to fold hexaflexagons, construct scutoids, and take selfies in front of explorations of the Mandelbrot set. David Vittorion Hasson & Richard Hough. Skyline College Mathematics.

39.     Sustainable Architecture. Construct model houses from recycled material using alternative energy while learning about green building materials and investigating the Earth's climate and water cycle and the sun. Anasanique Fountain. Skyline College Engineering.

40.     Experiments in Space – Where No One Can Hear You Scream. Hands-on experiments that promise noise and fun. What happens to everyday objects like balloons, marshmallows, sound, and light when there is no air? Kathy Arnold. American Vacuum Society.

42.     The Scientist in the Kitchen: Molecular Gastronomy. Explore the physical and chemical changes that occur while cooking. Participants will conduct the culinary process of spherification: shaping liquids into spherical treats! Timothy Wong, Amanda Carrillo, & Peggy Wong. Skyline College Biology.

43.     Light it Up! Come and learn from the electrician women of Local 617 of San Mateo County as they show you how to light up your life! Learn how to light up an LED light using a lemon. Keefh Khalil. Decker Electric.

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Life Skills

44.     Fierce STEM Femmes! Take a fun trip into the past and throughout history to learn about pioneering women in STEM and their contributions to our modern world. Alana Julia Utsumi. College of San Mateo.

45.     Dream it, Be It! If you can dream it, you can be it! Overcome STEM career obstacles and learn to work collaboratively with mentors from Soroptimist International. Kelly Quinn, Sylvia Chu, Frances Luster, & Lennon Smith. Soroptimist International, North SMC.

46.     Emotional Intelligence: The Other Kind Of Smart. Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) is just as important as IQ! Explore what it means to recognize, understand, and manage your emotions, feelings, moods, and attitudes (EFMA). If you master your own EI, then you are better equipped to influence friends, family, and others. Tina L. Simms. Northern CA Joint Pole Association.

47.     Teens’ Nutrition, Health, & Fitness Learn positive healthy eating and physical activity habits that will stick with you for life! Laura Conrad & Grace Conrad. MyShapers, LLC.

48.     A Day in the Life of a College Student. We’ll be talking about what the college experience is like and the amazing opportunities that you can be a part of. Tu Nguyen (UC Berkeley), Megan Scott (San Francisco State University), Ashley Yang (UC Berkeley), & Andrea Guevara-Castro (San Francisco State University).

49.     College Life: Secrets, Facts, and Fun! Learn about life of college students. Explore the exciting things you can do in college and discover the secrets behind scholarships (free money), internships, research, free educational travels, and everything beyond a STEM degree. Be inspired. Get motivated. Join us and let's get you started now! Janah May Oclaman, Sachin Sharma, Sweta Sharma, Amadeus Jibaja, Diala Mudawar, Patricia Ruvalcaba-Gomez. & Izaiah Ornelas. University of California, Davis.

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Adult Workshops

A1.     Financial Aid 101. Providing an overview of financial aid, how to apply, what documentation is needed, understanding award information and applying for scholarships. Patricia Flores, Eric Torres, & Tatiana Rabon. Skyline College Financial Aid.

A2.     Community College 101. An exploration of College programs, processes, and resources. Jeremy Evangelista-Ramos. Skyline College Outreach.

A3.     529: The Tax-Free Way to Pay for College. How to ensure the growth rate on your college savings plan outpaces the inflation rate of college tuition on an after-tax basis—by eliminating tax on the growth. Willard Folsom & James Luippold. Castle Rock Wealth Management.

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