About the Allies

The Skyline College Undocumented Community Center Allies are available to provide more information on immigration issues related to AB540, DACA, and the California Dream Act and how those issues may relate to documented and undocumented students and community members. In order to connect with an UCC Ally, please stop by the UCC, or connect via phone or email, with your issue, question or concern. A UCC staff member will then be able to connect you with the Ally on campus who can best address your need.


Chad Thompson Director for Spark Point --

Student ServicesSparkPoint Skyline

Ricardo Flores Instructional Technologist --

Academic Support and Learning TechnologiesCenter for Transformative Teaching and Learning (CTTL) Skyline

Marisa Thigpen Program Services Coordinator --

Academic Support and Learning TechnologiesDivision Office Skyline

Lucia Lachmayr Professor --

Language ArtsEnglish Skyline

Lucy Jovel EOPS Counselor --

Student ServicesEOPS|CARE|Calworks Skyline

Gina Ciardella Palmer Counselor --

Student ServicesCounseling Skyline

Jenny Yang Financial Aid Counselor --

Student ServicesFinancial Aid Skyline

Claudia Acevedo Financial Aid Technician --

Student ServicesFinancial Aid Skyline

Aileen Conmigo Financial Aid Technician --

Student ServicesFinancial Aid Skyline

Stacy Nojima Transition Coordinator --

Language ArtsLanguage Arts Division Skyline

Serena Chu-Mraz Professor --

Language ArtsESOL Skyline

Mylene Foo Program Services Coordinator --

Language ArtsESL Connect Skyline

Golda Margate Executive Assistant --

VP Student ServicesVP Student Services Skyline

Luis Escobar Acting Vice President of Student Services --

VP Student ServicesVP Student Services Skyline