• You must complete a graduation application in order to graduate. Make an appointment to see your counselor. See the Counseling website for more details.
  • Your academic record will be assessed by the Admissions and Records Office. It will list completed and remaining courses for your degree and/or certificate requirements. If you are eligible to graduate you will receive an Invitation to Commencement from the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development.
  • For Degrees:

  • See a counselor. A counselor will review your academic record to determine if you have completed or are about to complete your requirements for a degree. If you have over 60 units but have still not declared a major, do so in WebSMART. You may have enough units for a degree. If you finished your degree requirements last fall, you are still eligible for graduation.
  • For Certificates:

  • Students who are working toward Certificates of Achievements approved by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office may participate in the Commencement Ceremony.
  • Commencement:

  • For questions about the Commencement Ceremony, contact the Center for Student Life: (650) 738-4275 or SkyStudentLife@smccd.edu
If you have any questions or concerns about your eligibility to graduate, please contact the Counseling office.