This page contains the names of Classified Staff members participating in the Shared Governance Process by serving as Classified Staff representatives within various committees. If you would like to participate in a committee or want to learn more about what is happening within the committees, we encourage you to reach out to the representatives listed below. If you have questions about the information on this page, please contact your Classified Senate President.

Committee Representative
Accreditation Oversight Committee (AOC) Pcyeta Stroud
Advisory Committee for Employee Development (ACED) Nadia Tariq
College Governance Council (CGC) Sherrie Prasad
  Golda Margate
Curriculum Committee Adriana Johnston
Educational Policy Committee Gavin Townsley
Health and Safety Committee Sandra Hatzistratis
Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) vacant
Stewardship for Equity, Equal Employment, and Diversity Advisory Committee (SEEED) Jeremy Evangelista-Ramos
  Scott Mansfield
Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources Committee (SPARC) Connor Fitzpatrick
  Kathy Fitzpatrick
  Barbara Lamson
Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) Ricardo Flores
Committee Representative
Art on Campus Committee To confirm with the Chairs
College Success Initiatives (CSI) Coordinating Committee vacant
Scholarship Committee Belinda Chan
  Pamela Ortiz Cerda
  Gina Ciardella Palmer
  Kennya Ruiz
  Jessica Truglio