This page contains the names of the participatory governance committees that Classified Senate members are part of. If you would like to participate in a committee or want to learn more about what is happening within the committees, we encourage you to reach out to your Classified Senate Vice President.  

Constituent Committees

A constituent committee is a governance body composed of representatives from the four constituent groups*, delegated by CGC to consider, investigate, recommend, or report on College-wide matters.

*Associated Students, Academic Senate, Classified Senate, Management Council

Advisory Committee for Employee Development (ACED)

Health, Safety, and Emergency Preparedness Committee

Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC)

Stewardship for Equity, Equal Employment, and Diversity Advisory Committee (SEEED)

Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources Committee (SPARC)

Technology Advisory Committee (TAC)

Enrollment Strategies Committee

Standing Committees

A sub-committee of a Senate or Council is created to focus on specific matters.

Curriculum Committee

Educational Policy Committee

Professional Personnel Committee

Operational Work Groups

A non-governance group created and led by the President or a VP (or designee) that carries out an ongoing function or institutional need.

Accreditation Oversight Committee

Campus Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee

Commencement Work Group

Event Support Working Group

Instructional Leadership Team

Scholarship Selection Work Group

Student Scholarship Awards Ceremony Work Group

Task Groups

A short-term group created and charged by a Constituent Committee or Council/Senate that carries out a specific task. Constituent groups approve Task Group members.

Antiracism + Equity

Civic Mindset

Climate Review

Participatory Governance