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Advisory Committee


Name Organization
LindaAldridge MA, Holistic Health Education; CMT/LMT; Adj. Faculty
Rich Brown MA, Integral Health; CMT; Adj. Faculty
Bruce Codding MT, Stanford Hosp; Owner, PHM; HypnTher.
Michael Anne Conley LMFT; Director, Stillpoint Wellness Center
Tim Cowen Massage Services Manager, UCSF
Kelley Filbin Spa Director
Mark Frederick MS, Engineering; CMT; Adj. Faculty
Mike Grunwald, Esq. MT in Hospital Settings; Educator
Linda Herda CSEA Treasurer
Ron Kino CMT; Owner, Ocean Yoga; Educator
Mary Anne Leary AS, Business; CMT; Licensed Esthetician; Adj. Faculty
Cee Michael Business Owner
Sarah Perkins Skyline College Vice President of Instruction
Robyn Scherr MT; CST; Owner, Living in the Body; Editor
Andrew Scoular Licensed Esthetician; Business Owner
Liz Walton CMT; Educator

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas Minutes
March 2013   March 2013  


CTE Program Advisory Committee Goals & Objectives