The Skyline College Comprehensive Program Review (CPR) is an integral piece of the planning and resource allocation processes. The Comprehensive Program Review is based on the previous five years of Annual Program Plans (APP), aligning the APP with the CPR. CPR is a process which examines all academic, student programs at the College to help determine the overall effectiveness of the institution.  

Through this process, faculty/staff have the opportunity to review the mission and vision of their department/program. Then, using multiple measures and inquiry, faculty/staff will reflect on and evaluate their work for the purposes of improving student learning and program effectiveness. This reflection will identify steps and resources necessary to work towards the program vision including personnel, professional development, facilities, and equipment. The Annual Program Planning document can serve as the basis for completing the six-year Comprehensive Program Review.

The CPR process is situated in the Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources Committee (SPARC), with programs undergoing curriculum review, student learning outcome review, and program data review through the Curriculum Committee and the Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE) office. SPARC will meet with the designated leaders about their CPRs and provide feedback on a rubric.   Then CPR presentations will take place in SPARC in spring term, with all campus constituents invited to attend. 

Resources for Submitting Comprehensive Program Review

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Comprehensive Program Review Prompts  
Program Review Submission and Presentation Guidelines  
Comprehensive Program Review: SLO Assessment  
Program Data Packet
for Productivity, Enrollment, Demographics, and Outcomes.
Percentage Point Gap Method  
Program Review Schedule   
To Review and Update Course Outlines
Skyline College Comprehensive Program Review Rubric  
Directions and Forms for Programs with Course Offiering

Curriculum development is initiated at the departmental level and should include review by department or division faculty in cooperation with the division dean.

The Curriculum Committee, a standing committee of the Skyline College Academic Senate, is the college-wide review body for new programs, new courses, modified courses, and deleted courses.

To Review and Update Course Outlines
Course Outline and Prerequisite Checklist Table  


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