Learning Communities

Learning Communities are two or more classes, often in different departments, designed to be taken together by the same group of students. Learning Communities connect students to each other, their instructors, the college and student learning.

In Learning Communities, students participate in groups to share ideas and help each other learn while exploring topics that are relevant to them. Faculty members assist learning and innovation as everyone works together to create community in a positive learning environment. Learning Communities offer students extra guidance and access to resources while challenging them as they reach for their goals.

Please see the current Class Schedule for specific Learning Community opportunities.

Interested? Check out the communities and programs below!

  • African-American Success Through Excellence and Persistence (ASTEP) Program - A program designed for African-American and other students to increase their chances of remaining in college. This program offers students an exciting and unique opportunity to select courses from a curriculum with an African-American emphasis.
  • Career Advancement Academy - a series of industry specific courses and support systems that create bridges to higher-wage careers and paths to additional opportunities in higher education. The program also helps students pursue their desired career path by identifying clear points of entry and providing relevant job certification through industry recognized certificates.
  • First Year Experience (FYE) Learning Community is a yearlong program in which a group of students (cohort) stay together in a set sequence of classes. Counseling and case management are linked with math, fitness and other required courses to provide a holistic foundation for success. The FYE program is geared toward full-time students who want support transitioning into college-level classes while completing the algebra sequence. The program is also a good choice for those who would like to transfer and/or receive an AA/AS degree as quickly as possible.
  • First Year Experience (FYE) - Latinos Excelling in Academic Program (LEAP) provides opportunity to experience a positive and supportive learning environment, collaborate with peers to achieve academic success, develop leadership skills, explore college majors and career paths, and transition into the workforce with confidence.
  • Kababayan is a transfer and community support program for students interested in Filipino culture with the goal of increasing proficiency in English skills for success in college, work and life. Filipino Cultural Night
  • Puente is a two-semester program that links together students, a counselor, an English instructor, community mentors, the University of California and other colleges in an effort to increase the number of students who transfer from two- to four-year colleges.
  • PACE assists English language learners in completing the PACE Certificate of Achievment with transfer-level courses. Upon completion, students are able to use cultural knowledge and communication skills to facilitate their use of English in academic, vocational, and personal contexts. Students who are interesting in learning more about the PACE learning community should call (650) 738-7089 or contact the English Language Institute which is located in Building 1 room 218.
  • Social Justice League is open to students in TRIO, the Y.E.S. Program for current and former Foster Youth, and other students who may be interested in social justice issues. Courses prepare students to achieve their transfer goals.
  • The Scholar Athlete Program groups student-athletes in a learning community, focused on reading and writing proficiency, that provides the basis for students to pursue their athletic and academic goals at the university level.
  • The CIPHER Learning Community is open to all students, helps students increase their skills in English and Math and prepares them for success in college and in their career. CIPHER focuses on the culture and history of Hip Hop and how it promotes critical literacy, personal development, and social change within our communities. CIPHER also provides resources for students interested in the careers in business, music, and fashion and is designed to encourage students to obtain AA/AS degrees and/or transfer to a four-year university or other post-secondary institution to continue their studies. Contact Nate Nevado for additional information at nevadon@smccd.edu or at (650) 738- 4388.

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