Learning Communities

Learning Communities are one of the most exciting and rewarding learning opportunities for students at Skyline College. Learning Communities combine two or more hard-linked (connected) classes (Counseling and English and sometimes Mathematics) with G.E. requirements. Students and faculty get to know each other and work together to ensure that students are successful in college.

Students in Learning Communities enroll in a preset group of classes with other students (cohort) who share the same passion and interests in a specific field of study. Students will take these classes together over two or more semesters.  Students who enroll in Learning Communities are more likely to be successful, to feel connected to their college experience, and to earn a degree.

Some benefits of joining a Learning Community:

  • Make lasting friendships
  • Overcome fears about college
  • Take an active role in your education
  • Become part of a shared experience
  • Work with dedicated counselors and instructors
  • Take advantage of helpful student services (Counseling, Financial Aid, Tutoring)

Career Communities


Industry-specific courses and support systems that create bridges to higher-wage careers and paths to additional opportunities in higher education.

Cultural Communities


Transfer and community support programs for students interested in African-American, Hip-Hop, Filipino, or Latino culture with the goal of increasing success in college, work, and life.

Interest Communities


Programs for students who are interested in athletics, improving their English skills, or learning more about social justice, and who would like to obtain AA/AS degrees and/or transfer to a four-year university.

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