Filipino and Filipino American students are one of the two largest Asian American/Pacific Islander groups in the Skyline College service area, currently at about 20% of the student body. To address the needs of this growing population, the Kababayan Community was created.

The Kababayan Community is a transfer and support group with the goal of increasing proficiency in English skills for success in college, work, and life. It is open to all students and focuses on the Filipino and Filipino American student experience.


The Kababayan Community was initiated several years ago by founders Jeffrey Acidera and Nina Floro as a mentoring program for Filipino and Filipino American students. The program was revised in Fall 2003 with instruction as its centerpiece. By using culturally appropriate texts -- texts about the Filipino and Filipino American student experience -- the Kababayan Community instructors, tutors, and mentors hope to generate lively and timely discussions about the students themselves and the community around them, making the students' coursework "come alive" for them and ultimately provide a solid foundation for their academic success.

What does Kababayan mean?

Kababayan is a Tagalog word for "countryman," but the students have revised that definition and consider Kababayan as their word for "community."

What is the Kababayan Community?

The Kababayan Community, open to all students, is a transfer and community support group at Skyline College that helps students increase their proficiency in English and prepare for success in college, work and life. The activities are designed to encouraged students to transfer to a four-year university or other post-secondary institution to continue their studies.

Kababayan focuses on the Filipino and Filipino-American student experience and includes cultural experiences and community service. Kababayan’s goals are also to motivate students to learn about their culture and to create a feeling of campus affiliation among students.


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