The English / Reading program provides students with skills to read, write, and think critically in order to succeed in meeting a variety of goals, which include transferring to 4-year colleges/universities, earning AA/AS degrees and/or vocational certification, developing basic skills, or fulfilling lifelong learning goals.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program students will be able to:


  • ESSAYS: Write focused, organized, well-developed, and text-based essays using effective paragraphs, which support a clear thesis statement, and demonstrate competence in standard English grammar and usage.
  • CRITICAL ANALYSIS: Demonstrate critical reading, writing, and thinking skills through analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of important ideas.
  • SOURCES: Effectively evaluate and fluidly integrate relevant sources, using appropriate research strategies and tools, and documenting them according to MLA guidelines.


  • ESSAYS AND SOURCES: Write analytical, unified, text-based essays using the conventions of literary analysis and criticism, and effectively integrating and documenting sources according to MLA guidelines.
  • LITERARY ANALYSIS: Demonstrate an understanding of a broad range of literary works from the period and/or genre by analyzing major themes and literary techniques.



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