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Faculty Professional Development


Professional development is integrated throughout the fiber of Skyline College. To effectively carry out our mission of empowering and transforming a global community of learners, our faculty and staff must continually enhance excellence in all aspects of teaching, learning, and student support. Professional development provides faculty, staff and administrators opportunities for improvement that enhance and support student learning and student success, as well as encourage innovation and professional growth. The CTTL is a place for faculty and staff to come together to gain essential training and experiences which foster high quality educational outcomes for students and the community.

Propose a CTTL Workshop

The CTTL also hosts workshops presented by Skyline College faculty and staff. If you would like to deliver a CTTL or Professional Development workshop or activity, please complete the online form below. This will help us to link your presentation to Skyline College goals and initiatives. Our Professional Development Coordinator will be in contact with you shortly after you submit the proposal form to further discuss your interest and plans.

Bootup Camp for New Full-Time Faculty

The CTTL has created a semester-long orientation and training program, titled BootUp Camp, in order to provide new full-time faculty with knowledge, skills, and tools to foster success in the classroom. This program was especially designed to help new full-time faculty integrate into the college with relative ease, while acquainting them with the technology and instructional resources available on campus and introducing them to some of Skyline’s key faculty and staff.

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Faculty Development Fund (Article 13)

The San Mateo County Community College District provides a fund equal to 1% of expenditures for regular faculty salaries to provide faculty professional development opportunities.