Student Success Program

What is the Student Success Program?

The Student Success Program at Skyline College provides resources and support to assist students who are either experiencing academic difficulties or who want to improve their academic performance in college. We have dedicated counselors who provide intensive counseling support to help students develop strategies to handle the stresses of academic and personal life. We help students stay on course and successfully receive their degrees and/or transfer.

This program consists of two major steps:

Step One: Student Success Workshop

In a 3-hour motivational workshop, you will learn to:

  • Improve your academic record such as GPA and completion rate
  • Learn strategies to improve your academic standing
  • Understand the “Do’s & Don’ts” regarding dropping classes
  • Understand college policies
  • Learn about various college success skills such as time management and stress management
  • Learn about the different counseling and career courses that promote success
  • Learn about the campus resources that students can utilize such as the Career Center and SparkPoint at Skyline College Center

Step Two: Counseling

After the workshop, you will need to make a counseling appointment with a counselor to develop strategies to getting back to good standing and becoming a successful student. The counselor may also recommend that you submit a mid-semester progress report from your instructors so that you can better monitor your own progress and determine appropriate interventions.

How do I sign up?

You can register for a Student Success Workshop by calling the Counseling Center at 650-738-4318. You can also sign up at the Counseling Center in person in Building Two. Sign up as soon as possible. Space may be limited.

Current Fall 2014 Student Success Workshop dates:

Date Day of Week Time Facilitator (with email link)
November 12, 2014 Wednesday 6 - 9pm Lucy Perez
December 6, 2014 Saturday 10 – 1pm Maida Liu


All workshops are located in Building 6, Room 6203 unless indicated otherwise.

Student Success Program Frequently Asked Questions

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