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environmental science building rendering

Capital Improvement Projects

The next several years are bringing exciting changes to the Skyline College campus. A number of major capital improvements will ensure we continue to meet the ever-changing needs of our students, faculty and staff with state-of-the-art facilities while building our mission to empower and transform a global community of learners.

A new Environmental Science Building is designed to capitalize on Skyline College’s unique location overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a new Social Science and Creative Arts Complex will establish an inviting gateway to an expanded central quad, and the expansion of campus parking will ease congestion and improve student access. Additionally, a new STEM Center  , recently approved, will move into Building 7, creating a new central space for students to collaborate and learn.

All of this will build a more collegiate sense of place. The campus gateway and expanded quad will invite us to build community and share experiences, and the new summit overlook will encourage us to look to the horizon and educate for the future.

Office Relocations & Campus Enhancements

Download the Building 19 Swing Space Map  

While the students and community will greatly benefit from Skyline College’s enhanced facilities, the construction will necessitate changes in campus operations for several years. Students, faculty and staff will be kept up to date through Skyline Shines, emails and other means with the latest announcements of office relocations, lot and road closures and other events. Among the anticipated changes are:

  • Office and classroom relocations: All departments and offices in Building 1 will be relocated late 2018. Most Building 1 departments and facilities will temporarily move to Pacific Heights (Building 19). Arts, music, and theater offices and classes will move to alternate facilities in the area. Gallery exhibitions and performances will be held at various locations in the region. Specific locations are being reviewed and will be announced.
  • Road closures and re-routing: Campus roadways will be subject to occasional closures at times during the construction of the new facilities. Closures and detours will be announced and well-marked.

Safety Enhancements Around Campus

The leadership of Skyline College is committed to ensuring the safety of all students, faculty and staff. There are many ways in which we are working diligently to be as prepared as possible for any future campus emergency. 

Facilities Safety Improvements:

  • Wiring will be replaced to improve the operation of the EAS in Pacific Heights. This work will be completed as part of the Pacific Heights swing space project and system performance will be improved for start of spring semester 2019.
  • Pacific Heights will have additional ACAMs installed as part of the Pacific Heights swing space project. Construction began in April 2018, work will be completed in December 2018 in time for the start of spring semester 2019.
  • Existing door knobs have been replaced with lever handles that have lock buttons on the inside of the room so room occupants can manually lock the doors from within.
  • The existing exit push “panic” bars have been retrofitted or replaced with devices that have “thumb turns” so the room occupants can lock the doors from inside the rooms.
  • Doors that have ACAMs/Keypads (those that open with key fobs) will be retrofitted with a lock down button inside classrooms so an occupant can lock the door without going into a hallway to manually override the keypad. Work is targeted for completion within 3 months of contract award.

Building Capacity & Expanding Resources

These high-impact projects are about moving Skyline College forward and putting students first; meeting growing demands and maintaining our promise to students.

When it comes to getting students in, through and out of college on time, these capital improvements will provide the resources and state-of-the-art learning opportunities that students need to succeed and achieve their educational goals.

This is an exciting time for Skyline College, and the horizon is looking brighter than ever.