Name Position Affiliation
Alice Erskine Program Director CST, MSN, RN, CNOR, Skyline College 
Monica Franciosa Clinical Coordinator Skyline College
Mary McKay Instructional Assistant CST II, Seton Medical Center, Skyline College
Rob and Carol Labarthe Community Members  
Dolly Chan Employer Representative RN, SNIV, Seton Medical Center
Claret Presley Perioperative Director RN, Kaiser, San Rafael
Jeannette Bird Perioperative Educator RN, Educator, UCSF
Anjal Pong Perioperative Educator RN, Educator, UCSF
Lorne Rosenfield Physician Representative MD Plastic Surgery
Melissa Duenas Central Services Technician Skyline College Graduate
Jamal Philyaw Central Services Technician  Skyline College Graduate
Josh Blair Central Services Technician Practicing Surgical Technologist


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CTE Program Advisory Committee Goals & Objectives