The ASSC Governing Council recognizes that clubs, organizations, faculty and staff often propose programs that will benefit the entire campus but are beyond the financial means of their budgets. For this reason the Governing Council budgets a limited amount of funds to help support and cosponsor these activities on campus. Student Clubs within the Skyline Organization and Club Council (SOCC) may apply for a grant of $500.00 per semester.

For requests less than or equal to $500, apply for the SOCC grant. For requests greater than $500, request funds from the ASSC. If you are not a SOCC member, you must make all funding requests to the ASSC regardless of amount.

Steps to apply to the ASSC for funding:

  1. Email Ryan Samn at at least 4 weeks in advance of the event/purchase.
  2. Your request is reviewed by the ASSC Executive Council, Vice President, and Advisors.
  3. Your designated contact person will then be notified of the date and time that your proposal will be up for consideration before the ASSC Governing Council.
  4. At the ASSC Governing Council meeting, your representative will read your proposal, answer questions, and clarify or provide any additional information not clearly stated in requests for funding.
  5. If the proposal is approved the event should then be advertised as a cosponsored activity. This means that all flyers, banners, billets, newspaper ads and any other advertising for the event must display the following phrase, “co-sponsored by the Associated Students of Skyline College.”

Funding Information from the ASSC Constitution

For additional information, see ASSC Constitution   Code 4. Financial Code, Article 2, ASSC Club Grants.

Section 1

The ASSC is authorized to provide a grant program for all recognized clubs on campus for requests that exceed $500.00. All requests under $500.00 should be addressed at the SOCC meetings. See Bylaw 7.

Section 2

A recognized club must have the following information on file at the Center for Student Life:

  • A faculty advisor (completed Advisor Contract)
  • An approved constitution
  • A current dub roster
  • The student group must have met the minimum requirements to be considered an officially recognized club/organization

Section 3

Criteria for Grant:

  • Not to exceed $1000.00.
  • Grants available not more than once academic year
  • Clubs / Organizations must finance a minimum of 20% to 50% of the event to show a vested interest in the project.
    • 20% investment is required for groups whose trust account has a balance below $500.00
    • 50% investment is required for groups whose trust account has balance above $500.00
  • Grants must be applied to an activity that would be of interest to the general student body.
  • Admission charges must allow for student body cardholders to receive a discount price.
  • The grant request must be presented to Council a minimum of four weeks prior to the activity.
  • A two-thirds (2/3) vote of council is necessary for grant approval.
  • A completed ASSC Requisition with necessary paperwork attached must be signed by the following individuals of the club requesting the funding; Advisor, President/Chair, Treasurer and two Club members at large in order to complete the transfer of funds.
  • All advertising for the event must include the name of the ASSC as a supporter of the event.
  • For additional information about procedures for requesting funding, refer to Code 6, Section 4 of the ASSC Constitution.