Psi Beta National Research Project

The Skyline College chapter of Psi Beta is pleased to announce that they will be participating in Psi Beta’s Annual National Research Project designed to investigate college connectedness during the pandemic. 

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To make your research experience the most valuable, it should arise from a passion for a particular topic and approach to knowledge. Students will be conducting their own research with faculty providing guidance.
Why Do Undergraduate Research?

Academic PressureStudents who participate in research: 

  • Explore career directions
    • Influence their career and transfer decisions
    • Investigate research as a career option
  • Improve communication skills
    • Learn to publicly advocate for and defend work
    • Establish an effective relationship with a faculty mentor
  • Enhance resumes and build skills
    • Show demonstrated interest in a major area of study
    • Develop and exhibit major and job preparation skills
  • Test your determination and persistence
    • Overcome roadblocks and expand on techniques
    • Use all available resources to complete a project
  • Develop creativity and intellectual independence
    • Experience the joy of discovery and creation
    • Relate research to bigger causes and broader impact

Employers endorse curriculum that has students “conduct research and use evidence-based analysis.” 


Skyline College student research project