How Do I Apply?

You’ll begin the online application process by creating an OpenCCC account.

During this process you'll be asked for your intended major and an educational goal, along with some basic personal, educational and residency information.

After applying, you’ll receive your Student ID Number (G-Number) via email.

Apply Now!

When you have your student ID (G number), you will use it to login to Skyline College WebSMART

Once logged in, you will see “Student Services” in large grey writing on your account home page. Click on this text, and near the top of the list of items you see on this page, you should find “District Promise Applications.” Click on this link, and it will direct you to a page where you will then select “Skyline College Promise Scholars Program” and proceed to the application itself.

Once you submit your completed application, you will need to keep an eye on the email you provided in your application to the college (and your SMCCD email, if you have one) for further communications and information about your status

Students need to apply and fully complete the Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) OR the Dream Act Application in order to be considered for the Promise Scholars Program.

Please be sure to include the School Code in your FAFSA or Dream Act Application, so that Skyline College receives your financial aid application (School Code: 007713). If you experience difficulty with your application, please connect with our Financial Aid Office.

Both Fall and Spring cohort admissions cycles are available.  Only students with complete financial aid applications on file with Skyline College, and who have submitted their Promise Scholars Program application will be considered in the review. If students receive a conditional acceptance into the program, they will be required to meet with a Promise Scholars Program counselor, be enrolled in Promise-blocked course, and attend the Promise Scholars Summer Institute in order to finalize their spot in the program. Conditionally admitted students will receive more specific details about onboarding steps via email and at required onboarding events.










For Prospective Students: The Promise Scholars Program is accepting applications for our Fall 2024 Promise Scholars Program Cohort. To apply, please be sure to complete a CCCApply application.

Once you apply, you can log-in to Skyline's student on WebSmart and navigate to the "District Promise Application" under the "Student Tab" to begin your application to the Promise Scholars Program. If you should need support, please contact us by email at 


What are my responsibilities as a Promise Scholar?

Participants in the Promise Scholars Program must agree to:

  • Enroll full-time each semester (minimum 12 units) for the duration of the program (summer session enrollment highly encouraged, and may be required for students who do not complete all coursework taken in their fall and spring semesters)
  • Complete a financial aid application each year
  • Maintain academic progress and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Complete courses at a rate above 50% (Scholars must successfully complete and pass more than half of their courses in every semester they are part of the Promise Scholars Program)
  • Declare a major within their first year at Skyline College
  • Complete a comprehensive Student Educational Plan (SEP) their first year at Skyline College.
  • Regularly meet with your dedicated Promise Scholar Program counselor  
  • Regularly participate in required Promise Scholars Program workshops, tutoring, and activities, as assigned.