How much does it cost to ride the shuttle?
The shuttle is completely free and open to students, faculty, staff and the community.

If all 28 seats are full, can I stand on the shuttle and ride?
Yes, the shuttle can accommodate a few standing riders as long as the driver deems the number of standing riders to be safe.

The shuttle was full and I didn’t get on. How can I get to campus?
You can either wait for the next shuttle in an hour or you can take the 121 bus from Daly City BART to Skyline College. It costs $2.25 and will take approximately 53 minutes of travel. If you miss the 121, you can take BART to the Colma BART Station and could connect with the 121 bus. It costs $5.45 and will take approximately 48 minutes of travel. For the most up to date information on schedules and pricing, please visit

Is the shuttle handicap accessible?
Yes, the Express Shuttle is outfitted with a lift for handicapped accessibility.

Can I take my bike with me on the shuttle?
Yes, the shuttle does have bike racks for 2 bicycles.

Can I eat my breakfast on the shuttle?
Food and drinks are not allowed on the shuttle.

What if I leave something on the shuttle?
Contact the shuttle provider, MV Transportation for Lost & Found at (650) 692-3108.

Can I bring my pet or service animal with me on the shuttle?
Pets are not allowed on the shuttle, however service animals are allowed.

Will the shuttle schedule adjust for special/campus events?
No, unfortunately, the shuttle will not be able to accommodate special events unless they fall within the scheduled run times of 7:25 a.m. to 6:44 p.m.

Is the shuttle available year-round?
As of now, the shuttle will be available when school is in session, according to the academic calendar. In the future, we will be evaluating staff ridership to determine if the shuttle will run during academic calendar breaks such as winter break, spring break, etc.

My house is on the way, can you drop me off?
Unfortunately, the shuttle is not able to make additional stops.

Can you stop at Colma, South San Francisco or San Bruno BART stations as well?
Since this is a grant-funded pilot program, we are not able to add any additional BART station stops at this time.