The Field

Journalism aims to inform, enlighten, and provide people with a truer sense of their world. It sparks dialogue and engages with the public in a way that highlights the things that are working in society alongside those that are not. Journalism has the power to spur action and drive change.

In order to succeed in journalism, students will need to demonstrate a passion for asking questions and examining all points of view to find the answer. Students must employ problem solving skills in addition to demonstrating solid interpersonal, writing and analytical skills.  

The Journalism Program at Skyline College

Skyline College’s Journalism Program is both an academic and career technical program that prepares students to enter the workforce in journalism and related fields. We offer both an Associate of Arts degree which can help to create a clear path for transfer to a four year institution and a certificate of achievement which provides a head start on the road to employment.

Students participating in the Journalism program also produce The Skyline View, Skyline College’s student-run newspaper, providing hands-on experience with print-production, journalistic writing, editing, and various forms of online media.

Career Outlook

Working in Journalism provides a unique opportunity to answer pressing questions, channel valuable information to the public and seek out and expose the truth. A degree or certificate in journalism can prepare you for a range of careers in the communications field including in public relations, marketing, advertising and government.

Reporters and Correspondents in California make an average of $49,170 per year according to the U.S. Department of Labor, but reporters specifically in the San Francisco area make an average of $52,890 per year. Salary ranges for other communications jobs vary widely.