The Intercultural Center provides a welcoming space on campus, as well as a virtual campus for students, faculty members, and classified professionals to explore their identities, find community, and work towards racial and social justice.

The programs in the Intercultural Center focus on racial and ethnic identity, and also provide perspectives on multiple aspects of identity.

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The creation and maintenance of safe spaces for restorative self-reflection, broadening critical consciousness, and developing solidarity.


To celebrate our intersectional identities, challenge oppressive ideologies, and overcome our linked struggles through embracing vulnerability, channeling indignation, and uplifting marginalized communities. In this space, we strive to eliminate white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, and dehumanizing capitalist practices.

Values Statement

Character - Know Yourself

Everyone has unique qualities and skills that are distinctive to them, and only them. It is our responsibility to educe these qualities and skills from one another, with the hope of applying them in our own daily lives.

Charisma - Love Yourself

The process of discovering one’s true authentic self is different for everyone. It is our responsibility to ensure we have safe spaces to explore, define, and support each other through our personal journeys of character development.

Conscientização - Know your Community

The ability to perceive social, political, and economic oppression is essential to humanization. It is our responsibility to maintain safe spaces that challenge oppressive ideologies and systems.

Compassion - Love your Community

Our human nature is to have sympathy and concern for the sufferings and misfortunes of others. It is our responsibility to take the lessons we’ve learned in these spaces back into our communities with passionate, responsive purpose.