HTM. 101 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management (3 units)

An exploration of career options and operations in the field of hospitality and tourism management. An overview of the trends and developments in hospitality, international tourism, global travel, and foodservice establishments, with a focus on customer service, cultural/economic trends, and the various career opportunities that exist.

HTM. 108 Technology Essentials in Hospitality (3 units)

Understand technology systems used in hospitality and tourism businesses. A focus on emerging use of smart technologies, including iPads in the guest rooms, Web 2.0, and new hotel and restaurant information systems. Hands-on learning opportunities with the use of "Delphi" simulations, a software technology most often used in sales, catering and convention services departments.

HTM. 120 Sanitation Practices in the Hospitality Industry (3 units)

Sanitation practices as they affect the individual and hospitality operations. Students will use materials from the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association to complete the ServSafe Certification.

HTM. 124 Excellence in Guest Service (0.5 units)

In this short course students will prepare to take the Certified Guest Service Professional (GSP)exam awarded through the American Hotel and Lodging Association. This course focuses on quality customer service: what it is and how to deliver it, in a hospitality business, benefits of high quality customer service, skills to engage the guest, effective strategies for handling dissatisfied customers and service recovery techniques.

HTM. 125 Restaurant and Banquet Operations (1 units)

Preparation for entry-level positions in restaurant and hospitality banquet operations. Course covers front of the house service for all types of food service operations, such as Banquet Server and Restaurant Server. The course includes preparation to take the ServSafe Responsible Alcohol Certification and the Food Handler Certification Exam.

HTM. 130 Food & Beverage / Restaurant Management (3 units)

Techniques and procedures of management are explored and developed as they relate to commercial and institutional food and beverage facilities. Topics include: functions of management, marketing, menu development, effective cost control in purchasing, pricing, labor and service techniques.

HTM. 140 Introduction to Meeting, Event and Conference Management (3 units)

An introduction to a specialized area of study in hospitality and tourism, focusing on meetings, conference and and event planning. The fundamental elements and best practices for planning, producing, and evaluating successful meetings, conventions, and conferences.

HTM. 164 Legal Aspects of Hospitality and Tourism (3 units)

Gain a working knowledge of laws and regulations applicable to the hospitality and tourism industry. This course examines government regulation of the hospitality industry along with rights, obligations and liabilities of hospitality businesses.

HTM. 230 Hotel and Resort Management (3 units)

An introduction to the operational systems/departments and components of a hotel-resort facility, which includes: front office, housekeeping, food and beverage, sales and marketing, accounting, property maintenance, human resources management and information systems.

HTM. 231 Food, Beverage, and Labor Cost Controls (3 units)

Gain the necessary knowledge and skills required to manage and make intelligent business decisions within a food and beverage operation or department; with a focus on: standards determination; variable, semi-variable and fixed costs; the operating budget; income and cost control and menu pricing.

HTM. 665 Selected Topics in Hospitality and Tourism (0.5- 2 units)

Designed to offer students specialized training in unique/specialized hospitality and tourism topics. Students will gain valuable knowledge pertaining to this ever-changing industry along with an array of emerging skill development opportunities.

HTM. 672 Hospitality and Tourism Internship (3 units)

Practical and "hands-on" learning experience in hotel/lodging, foodservice and hospitality & tourism business. Individually designed for students to acquire "real world" learning opportunities and gain additional knowledge in the hospitality and tourism industry.