Rock the School Bells is a one-day conference aimed to empower and educate youth and students about the importance of higher education and career exploration through a culture that resonates with them. More than 2,000 youth and students from middle schools and high schools all over the bay area have attended the RTSB conference since its inception in 2007. It has served as an effective bridge to Skyline College as students embark on their educational journey through CIPHER.

Key Goals

Rock The School Bells aims to enhance students’ ability to:

  • Think critically about current social issues in their communities as well as in the world
  • Engage in physical and mental activities that promote healthy lifestyles
  • Read and write about topics related to their life’s experiences
  • Display effective oral and written communication through readings, spoken word, and poetry
  • Understand the historical and cultural aspects of Hip-Hop and its effect on society, education, health, and personal development
  • Interact and network with a variety of local non-profit organizations, afterschool programs, and companies
  • Provide opportunities to learn about various educational and career technical pathways
rock the school bells conference