A college campus may be a frightening place to a new student. The Women In Transition (WIT) Program helps make the transition a little smoother and less intimidating. Since 1975, WIT has been successfully helping women make the transition back into the academic environment. Our goal is to encourage women to expand their horizons, and reach their intellectual, professional and personal goals.

It is our philosophy that central to a student's success is a comprehensive academic and social support system that extends from pre-orientation through graduation. To that end, The Women In Transition Program combines the rigors of an academic program with an integrated support network that help women persist and succeed. This network includes pre-registration counseling, career and life planning courses, the Women In Transition seminar, Core WIT courses in English, History and Math, in addition to information on transferability coursework and job placement. See the WIT Support Services page for a full listing of available resources.

The demographics of California has changed, and as we enter the 21st century the Women In Transition Program continues to redefine itself to meet the challenge of these changing demographics. Whether you are a re-entry student with a few college courses under your belt, a first-generation college student, or trying to become self-sufficient and learn new skills, the Women In Transition Program can assist you.

WIT offers:

  • Counseling in academic and career planning
  • Assistance with registration
  • Study Skills retraining and help with general college survival
  • Tutoring
  • Day and Evening Classes (See the current Schedule of Classes, click on Women in Transition).
  • Courses in reading, writing, math and history are taught by WIT instructors in a supportive environment

Getting Started

Perhaps you never thought that you could go to college. Perhaps you were never encouraged. Perhaps you thought you weren't smart enough. Perhaps you thought you didn't have the time.

Just thinking about returning to college can be scary. The WIT Program is here to help make that transition a little easier.

  1. By visiting our website it is obvious you're just a little bit curious.
  2. Email Lori Slicton, WIT Coordinator, or call her at (650) 738-4157 to set up a get-acquainted appointment.
  3. At this meeting, if you have not done so already, you will be asked to fill out an application for admission to Skyline College which should take about ten minutes. The application will be turned over the Admissions & Records office.
  4. A counseling appointment should then be made. If you have had prior college experience, try to bring along a copy of your transcripts. An academic program will be suggested depending on your discussions.
  5. Attend the WIT orientation session held once per semester. Date and Time will be announced.
  6. Be ready to go on the first day of class!

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