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Theater Inventory




Microphones (wired):

  • 6 ea. SM58 dynamic microphones (vocals)
  • 5 ea. SM57 dynamic microphones (drums, guitar, woodwinds)
  • 4 ea. KSM32 condenser embossed single diaphragm microphones
  • (vocals, chorus, acoustic, piano, percussion, woodwinds, brass, bass, guitar)
  • 1 ea. BETA 52A dynamic wide diaphragm dynamic microphone
  • (kick, bass drum)
  • 2 ea KSM137 condenser instrument microphones
  • (percussion, cymbals, woodwinds, piano, guitar amp)
  • 15 ea. BETA 98H/C “clip on” condenser instrument microphones
  • (woodwinds, brass, saxophone, snare, toms)

Microphones (wireless):

Audio Network:

Analog Inputs/Outputs:

Unpowered Stage Monitors/PA Re-enforcement:

House Public Address:

  • Center: 8 ea. EAW NTL720 self-powered 3way line array loudspeaker module
  • Left/Right: 2 ea. EAW NT29 self-powered, bi amplified loudspeaker
  • Subwoofer: 2 ea. EAW NTS22 self-powered subs stacked in vertical tandem for amplification
  • Processor: FOH Rack mounted EAW UX8800 Speaker/System Processor and networked to control room PC for access to a variety of sound profiles via EAWPilot software package

Lighting and Sound:

  • 2 ea. Linksys Cisco WRT610N Wireless Routers
  • 1 ea. iPhone 3G running ETC iRFR remote app for dimmer/console control and Cue access

1 ea. iPad1 running audio and lighting control apps…

  • iRFR remote HD
  • LS9 Stage-mix
  • M7CL Stage-mix

1 ea. Dell XFR Toughbook series Tablet PC running…

  • ETC EOS Family Shell control software - provides a “slave console” with full functionality at any of the number of installed ETC Net3 ports
  • Studio Manager - provides a wireless console emulator for both sound consoles providing full remote functionality from anywhere in the theater
  • ESmonitor – provides programing/patching/direction for all cards/channels on the Ethersound network

Computer (FOH): HP Z200 workstation:

  • CPU: Intel quad core i5 processor
  • 4.00 GB Ram
  • 64 bit OS “Windows 7”
  • 500 gigabyte hard drive


  • 10 GB Sound effects library referenced and indexed through iTunes
  • Full Adobe Suite including “Adobe Audition” used for the simultaneous recording and/or playback of 32 channels of audio simultaneously for both education as well as post production purposes
  • Studio Manager for live metering for both consoles from FOH and remote access
  • Also installed: EAW Pilot, Digigram control, ESmonitor, ETC shell

Venue Information

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Location: Building 1
Room 1250

Theater Events Manager:
Joshua Harris