A note from Norman del Prado, Chair, Network Engineering Program

The most frequent question I receive from prospective students is:  “How do I get started?”  Let me save us both some valuable time by answering that here: 

  1. Enroll at Skyline College; you can do this online
  2. I strongly urge you to see a Skyline counselor---they’re very helpful!
  3. Check the Skyline schedule of classes for the term in which you’ll begin and select your classes
  4. Enroll in your classes via WebSmart
    • During enrollment you may be blocked by prerequisite requirements; if so, it’s time for you to contact me---send me an email with the details: delpradon@smccd.edu
  5. If you have questions about advanced placement, send me an email and request a meeting to discuss your background
  6. If you will be working in the IT industry while taking TCOM classes and want to gain college credits for your work experience, send Walter Hanley an email: hanleyw@smccd.edu

You can also take a look at our FAQs sheet which is below. 

Network Engineering Program FAQs 

If you have unanswered questions after viewing our Website, please contact me. 



Norman del Prado


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Norman Del Prado (Professor)

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