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jorge murillo


Jorge Murillo

By the time Jorge Murillo was a sophomore in high school, missing school was a habit. Living in a small apartment with six family members, caring for younger siblings at least one day a week, and worrying about what to cook for dinner meant that Jorge didn’t have the time or space to really engage with his schoolwork. These were normal circumstances at the time, but from today’s perspective Jorge acknowledges the clear challenges he faced.  ...Read More



Irene Yim

How many students do you know that have been awarded 16 scholarships in four years? Skyline College student Irene Yim has accomplished this academic achievement with hard work and dedication to her studies, making this feat seem easy. Irene is a second generation Chinese American, who was born and raised in the Bay Area. Her parents came to the U.S. and made their living in the food industry, owning and operating Chinese takeout restaurants throughout San Jose, California. The taste, love and passion for cooking and food have always been a part of Irene and her family’s life. After graduating from high school in 2000, ... Read More



Shannon Fox

Before Skyline College, Shannon Fox did not realize her potential. Shannon Fox Nearly three years ago, Shannon, a Pacifica native who became a mother at 21, was working full-time for Bank of America when her position was eliminated. Though Shannon had returned to school at 26 to earn her GED, she dreamed of more for her and her son's life. While working full time as a senior teller officer and managing the responsibility of single parenting, pursuing higher education never seemed like a practical option. However, Shannon wondered if losing her job was the catapult she needed to make the substantive change she desired. With the support and encouragement of both her son and her boyfriend, she seized the unexpected opportunity. ... Read More




Vanessa Chosa

If you had to choose one word to describe Vanessa Chosa, it would likely be “potential.” vanessa chosaIt’s what her teachers at Peninsula High School saw in her four years ago. It’s what she discovered in her own heart, and what motivated her to strive for something more. It’s difficult to imagine this confident, vibrant and studious young woman as a fifteen-year-old with a brand new baby and few choices. But that’s where her journey began. Her mother emigrated from Guadalajara in the early ‘90’s, working two and three jobs at a time to make ends meet. Vanessa recalls taking care of her baby brother when she was little more than a baby herself. ... Read More


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