Meet Jose Luis Sanchez-Sosajose

Major/Certificate: Business

Class Of: TBD

Transfer Goal: SF state, Santa Cruz, Cal Poly

Why did you choose Skyline College?

I heard great things about it.

How long have you attended Skyline College?

Three years.

What have you enjoyed most about your Skyline College experience?

The people, it’s a small community.

How has Skyline College prepared you to achieve your academic goals?

It has put things into achievable perspective.

What resources/services have supported you during your Skyline College experience?

DSPS, MESA, and the tutoring center.

What are your fondest memories about being about a part of Skyline College?

Being part of a great family, the interaction between students and professors is admirable and able to happen because of the small size.

How would you describe student life at Skyline College?

Hectic, always on the move.

What excited you the most about serving as the 2012 -2013 Associated Students of Skyline College Governing Council President and what did you accomplish this year?

Being able to be part of something bigger, and have input on things that happen around school was my biggest motivation. We accomplished many things surrounding student life and morale.

What advice do you have for perspective Skyline College students?

Be ready for a small taste of life with a lot of college flavor.

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