Executive Officers

Title Name
President Carlos Ungo
Vice President Jose Gutierrez
Commissioner of Activities Ellaine Arroyo
Commissioner of Finance Aung Koko Khant
Commissioner of Publicity Fanyu Wang
Commissioner of Public Records Sarah Tran
Parliamentarian Thomas Gower (appointed during Fall 2020)
SOCC Liaison Jaseryll Obing (appointed during Fall 2020)


Allen Bustos Kimheng Peng (withdrew Fall 2020)
Ricardo Coronado David Torres (withdrew Summer 2020)
Lester Logue (withdrew Fall 2020) Yiya Wang
Sherelie Lum Tylin Sage Williams
Rolo Mutul Chris Yuenkei Wong
Minn Thurein Naung Max Yuensum Wong
Jaseryll Obing (appointed to SOCC Liaison) Anthony Yu


SMCCCD Student Trustee 2020-2021

Skyline College Nominee: Thomas Gower (appointed to Parliamentarian)