General Information for All Student Assistants and Tutors


If interested in applying to be a student assistant, peer tutor, or graduate tutor in The Learning Center, fill out an application and email TLC staff assistant Judy Cheung ( or call 650-738-4144.

For position descriptions, requirements and application forms, visit our Application Page    


Getting Hired and Completing Timesheets:

  1. Once hired, complete a hiring packet and submit to TLC staff assistant Judy Cheung ( or call 650-738-4144.
  2. You must also show your driver’s license and Social Security card to process the paperwork. No one can be hired without these documents.
  3. You will sign in on a physical sign-in sheet behind Judy Cheung's desk every time you are on shift. This is the hard copy.
  4. Once per month, you will enter your total hours on the electronic timesheet in WebSMART. You may have to project hours that have not been worked yet.
  5. TLC staff usually sends out a reminder to you about your timesheet - please heed the reminder and get your timesheet submitted on time!
  6. All new student assistants, student tutors and grad tutors are required to complete training, upon which they will be approved for additional hours of pay (one time).

TLC Student Assistant and Tutor Tardy/Absent Policy

People in TLC are counting on you. If you fail to show up without giving prior notice, it inconveniences students and co-workers, and it reflects badly upon TLC.

If you must miss your shift, it is your responsibility to:

  1. Find a replacement tutor to cover your shift.
  2. Notify Judy Cheung ( 650-738-4144) within at least 24 hours prior to tardy/absence and inform her of the date and time of your tardy/absence and who will be replacing you on your shift.

Who can use The Learning Center?

Students who are enrolled in one of our learning center classes can use The Learning Center. Students who are not enrolled cannot use the computers or get tutoring.

The Learning Center classes are:
LSKL 800 (General tutoring, all subjects)
LSKL 853 (Writing tutoring)
LSKL 803 (Peer tutoring, usually sciences)
ESOL 655 (ESOL tutoring)
ENGL 650 (English tutoring for students in the TRIO program)
MATH 650 (Math tutoring for students in the TRIO program)

What about workshops or just using the tables and space?

Students who are not enrolled may enter and use workshops and the general space. They cannot get tutoring without being enrolled. It is the job of the tutor to make sure that all students you help are enrolled in a TLC class. Example:

Jim: Hi, can you help with my paper?
Tutor: Are you enrolled in the The Learning Center?
Jim: Yeah, I'm in English 100.
Tutor: Let's check you in at the front to see if you're enrolled in a TLC class.
If you're not, I can help you enroll so that you can get tutoring anytime you want.

What if students just need to print?

Sorry, the print station will only work with computers that students have to sign into. Only students who are enrolled in the learning center can use those computers. You can send students upstairs to the library if they do not want to enroll.

How do students print?

Students buy a print card from the machine near room 101 (next to the copier). 1 card is .50 and comes with two prints. The cards can be recharged at the same machine. The cards are also used upstairs in the library (there is another machine there).

Students must click "print" and a print window will open on the desktop. They must type their name in the box and click "Print." They go to the print station and insert their card. They will see their print job there - they click and it prints.

Why do the computers sometimes refuse to print?

Occasionally, the client that connects printing goes offline and has to be rebooted. Instructions for this are in one of the drawers at the front desk and below. You'll likely do this enough times that you'll get to know the procedure well:

  1. Go to Start>Computer>C drive
  2. Click on the PopQuest folder
  3. Find the blue PopQuest icon (it looks like a computer) and double-click it.
  4. Tell the student to retry the printing process.

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