English Language Institute

The English Language Institute of Skyline College makes college possible for nonnative English speakers.  We assist with Enrollment in ESL Classes, Support for all English Learners (Students and Non-students), and English Practice.   We help nonnative English speakers understand every aspect of financial coaching and assistance as well as other SparkPoint services.


  • Enrollment in ESL classes

    Getting Started:  We help you apply, arrange your placement tests, make an appointment with a counselor, and get your orientation to college. 


    Academic Counseling:  We help you pick your classes, plan your education, and prepare for a career.


  • Support for all English Learners – Students AND Non-students

    Financial Aid Application Assistance:  We help you fill out forms and understand all the processes.


    Information in multiple languages:  We can prepare you to understand the differences between U.S. education and education in other countries.


    Explanation of other helpful services such as financial coaching, workplace readiness, and food assistance.


  • English Practice for Students AND Non-students

    Unlimited access to computer programs to practice English.

  • Free conversation groups every week.

For information in multiple languages, and to learn about our office hours and events, please visit our website.