The Field

Psychology is the study of the mind and human and animal behavior. It seeks to understand thought, emotion and behavior through the scientific study of mental functions.

In order to succeed in psychology students will need to develop strong reading, writing, critical thinking and analytical skills, as well as demonstrate a passion for understanding how the human mind works.

The Psychology Program at Skyline College

Enroll in a psychology course at Skyline College for an enriching and challenging academic experience that focuses on exploring the various functions of the human mind and human behavior. We offer a wide variety of classes that fulfill General Education requirements or requirements for other majors and degrees.

Career Outlook

Most careers in Psychology require a four-year or graduate degree, and a degree in psychology can lead to a variety of careers which vary widely in terms of demand and salary expectations. Clinical, counseling and school psychologists in California make an average of $80,450 per year according to the U.S. Department of Labor.