Completed Projects


PlanningResearchInstitutional Effectiveness (Assessment)
TRiO Recruit List Spring 2014 BACC Focus Groups Counseling 100 SLO Assessment 
  CAA Math TRiO SSS Survey- Fall 2013 
  Persistence Rates and Degrees & Certificates for SparkPoint Participants  SMCCD CTE Survey Fall 2013- Skyline College 
  Covered California Application Assistor Grant Data   
  Student Participation in Biochemical/Behavioral Sciences   
  ENGL 826/READ 826 & ENGL 828 Success and Retention Data   
  CAA Math Subsequent Post MATH 110   
  SparkPoint Persistence Data by Demographics   
  Success & Retention Rates in ENGL 846 Courses  
  Persistence Rates for STEM Students  
  Labor Market Data for Anesthesia Assistant  
  District Wide Success Rates in Engineering  
  College Wide Success Rates  
  High Schools of Skyline Students & Student Athletes  
  Covered California Poverty Rates  
  First English & Math Courses for Students from Designated High Schools  
  Legal Pathway Analysis  




PlanningResearchInstitutional Effectiveness
Education Master Plan ESTM- Enrollment Data Rock the School Bells Volunteer Survey
Diversity Framework  Persistence Rates of FYE Students New Faculty Leadership Survey
CTE Executive Summary  Skyline College Students Living in San Francisco 2000/01-2011/12 Faculty Library Satisfaction Survey
  Digital Access Survey  2013 SMCCCD Career Technical Education Survey- Skyline College Results 
  Number of Successful Students in Math Courses 110, 120 or 200 2013 SMCCCD Career Technical Education Survey- Canada College Results
  Characteristics of Evening Students 2013 SMCCCD Career Technical Education Survey- College of San Mateo Results
  DRC Year End Report Stats (CRER)  2013 SMCCCD Career Technical Education Survey- District Results
  Student Success Rates - Simultaneously Enrolled Students in Econ 100 & Econ 102 TRiO English 650 Assessment
  ESOL- Placement Analysis CRER/COUN Assessment Survey
  Characteristics & Course Taking Patterns of ESOL Students  
  GE Transfer Model  
  *ASTEP- Success Rates for Math Academy Students  
  Chemisty 210 Analysis  
  Academic Pathways for TRiO Students   
  Academic Pathways for Jumpstart Students  
  Qualitative Analysis of FYE Data  
  Placement Analysis of Student First Math, English and ESOL Courses  
  Analyzing How Students Progress from Basic Skills to Transfer Level Courses in Math, English and ESOL Courses  
  Progress Analysis  

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