The Student Self-Assessment measure is available to students who have attended and completed an English or math course in high school in the United States school system.

Students can use their high school data, including courses, grades, and GPA to determine a placement for English and/or math courses at Skyline College. 

Using metrics established by Skyline College English and math faculty, students complete a questionnaire designed to determine an appropriate English and/or math course placement.

Students are strongly encouraged to bring their high school transcripts to their placement appointment. 

I've decided to use this assessment measure. What do I do now?

Schedule an Appointment:

Students who wish to use the Student Self-Assessment measure to determine a placement for English and/or math courses at Skyline College will:

  1. schedule a Placement/ Proctoring Appointment via their WebSmart account
  2. bring a valid photo identification to the appointment
  3. bring a copy of their unofficial high school transcript (if available)
  4. arrive at least 10 minutes early to the appointment to check-in
  5. please allow up to 2 hours for your appointment/ assessment

Appointment check-in is at the Assessment Center Counter, Bldg 2, 1st floor, lab 2116.

What can I expect once I arrive for my appointment?

On your scheduled placement appointment date, students will:

  1. present a valid photo identification upon check-in
  2. complete an onsite questionnaire
  3. attend a short pre-assessment workshop
  4. review your assessment options with an assessment counselor
  5. take a placement test (if applicable)

Results are available to the student via their WebSmart account within three (3) working days.