This measure is available to students who have completed:

  • College level courses in English and/or math at a regionally accredited four-year college or university in the United States or
  • Have taken a placement exam at a California Community College.

Note: In some cases, a course will not meet the prerequisite for placement into a course at Skyline College. In this case, a student may choose from any of the other applicable placement measures to determine an English and/or Math course placement or can challenge the decision with the Dean of the Language Arts and/or Science, Math, Technology Divisions. 

Equivalency using Other College Coursework (for English, ESOL, and Math)

Students who have successfully completed (grade of "C" or higher) college level course work in English/ESOL and/or Math at a regionally accredited college in the United States may use their coursework to place into the next level English/ESOL and/or math course at Skyline College. The coursework is used to clear the "prerequisite" for the higher level course at Skyline College.

Equivalency using Other College Placement Results (for English, ESOL, and Math)

Students who have completed a placement exam at another California Community College within the last two years may have their placement results reviewed to determine a placement recommendation at Skyline College.

If, because of the differences in English and/or math course offerings through the California community colleges, a placement determination is not possible, a student will have to choose from any of the other placement measures available to them to determine an English and/or Math course placement at Skyline College.

I qualify! What do I do now?

Students who wish to use the Prerequisite Equivalency measure to determine a placement for English and/or math courses at Skyline College will:

  • Download/complete/sign a Prerequisite Equivalency Form  
  • Write your full student name and SMCCD student ID number on the each of the supporting documents (ie: copy of unofficial transcripts, placement results)
  • Please attach all documents as one petition packet
  • Deposit your petition packet at the Assessment Center's dropbox for review and approval (dropbox is located on the wall by the Assessment Center)

Results are available to the student via their WebSmart account within three (3) working days.