Currently, Medical Assisting is one of the fastest growing occupations worldwide. Career opportunities abound for well-trained medical assistants, including work in physician's offices, clinics, hospitals, labs, medical publication firms, pharmaceutical firms, public health agencies, and health insurance companies.

The Medical Assisting program at Skyline College is designed to provide the training and knowledge necessary to gain the most important skills for work in the field, including the ability to work well with others, be well organized, and be confident in dealing with patients. Through the expertise of Skyline faculty, and relevant contact to professionals in the field, students can expect to learn administrative duties such as medical/financial records management, medical report transcription, patient appointment scheduling, and clinical duties including preparation of patients for examination, assistance with minor surgery, giving injections, and operating electrocardiographs.

Skyline College faculty, in consultation with the Medical Assisting Advisory Committee, have revised the courses, degree and certificates in this area.  The new degree and certificates are designed to meet the cutting edge needs in the various areas of medical assisting.  While the degree and certificate programs are currently awaiting approval through the State Chancellor’s Office, the courses are currently available.  Check under the “Courses” tab on the left side of this page.  

We will post the new degree and certificates once they are approved.  Check back at this website for updated information. 

Anticipated Degree and Certificates:Type:
Administrative Medical Assisting A.S. Degree
Medical Office Reception Certificate of Achievement
Medical Editing Certificate of Achievement
Medical Insurance Billing Certificate of Achievement
Medical Coding Certificate of Achievement
Administrative Medical Assisting Certificate of Achievement

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competence in skills necessary to effectively function as an Administrative Medical Assistant.
  • Demonstrate behavior appropriate for an Administrative Medical Assistant and Health Care Professional.

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