Digital Oral History Projects - Schedule & Due Dates - Spring 2015

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Class meeting: Introduction to Oral History

HIST 201 - February 25  --->  Look through previous student projects and select one or two that you especially like: Be prepared to discuss them on March 18

Creating a Digital History - What is oral history? Using oral history to explain oral history
- Segments: "Your Job", "What is Oral History", "Oral History Research", "Advice for Students"

ENGL 100 - March 9/10  --->  Video: A Game of Solitaire
Reading:Oral History: An Introduction for Students - pp. 3 - 29

---> Look through previous student projects and select one or two that you especially like: be prepared to discuss them on March 30 or 31

---> Contact interviewee and set up interview date as soon as possible

Class meeting: Interviewing Tips & Practice

HIST 201- March 18

ENGL 100 - March 30/31


Interviewing tips

Complete interview preparation by: April 8

---> Topic Outline (Click here to see an example of a topic outline) Also include the name and brief description of interviewee and scheduled date of interview - Due: April 8 (email to

Complete interview no later than April 19
* have narrator sign the Oral History Release Form 
before the interview
* take digital photos of narrator after the interview
* ask narrator if they have any old photos from the times and/or topics they talked about that you can borrow to scan/copy for your webpage

---> upload at least 5 minutes of the interview to YouTube and submit the YouTube URL by April 19

Class meeting: Digital video editing

HIST 201 - April 22

ENGL 100 - April 20/21 


  • YouTube Video Editor
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • iMovie (recommended)

Video editing help:

For YouTube Video Editor:
--> Using the Video Editor

For Windows Movie Maker:
--> Getting Started with Movie Maker

For iMovie
--> Basic Video Editing in iMovie

For iMovie app on iPad:
-->   iMovie Help


---> Time log (general topic outline of audio with rough times, see example of a part of a time log below): - Due: April 27

Click here to see an example of part of a time log

Editing - April 22 - May 3

Edited files completed and uploaded to YouTube - Due: May 4

Upload all of your segments to the
YouTube skylinecollegeoralhistory channel

Class meeting: Class meeting: Putting Your Blog Post Together

HIST 201 - May 4

ENGL 100 - May 4/5

Directions for Creating Your Post on Blogger and Adding Embedded Videos

ENGL 100 ---> Completed Blog Post
- Due: Monday, May 18.


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